Violin Master Pro Review

Violin Master Pro Review

Program Details Covered In This Violin Master Pro Review

Have you always wanted to learn how to play violin? The violin is a beautiful instrument known for its stunning sound and beautiful music. Take time to review the articles on this site and especially the article discussing the “Violin Master Pro” review.

The instrument involves having four strings all in perfect fifths and a bow to draw across the violin to create the sound.  In order to create lovely sounds in different pitches, your bow will move across either one or two strings depending upon whether you are playing individual notes or chords.

Violins are known for being a difficult instrument to learn to play. Learning the violin basics is vital to assist you in developing a good foundation and in creating big music as your musical career continues to evolve.

In this article, you will also be given an honest review of the Violin Master Pro system. After reading this article, you should be able to better understand why this awesome program will teach you a great deal about this instrument as well as the music industry.

How To Play Violin

The proper way to play the violin is to hold the violin by the neck and rest the end of the instrument on your collar bone. The weight of the violin is then supported with your arm and held in place by your jaw or chin. Your head will be resting lightly on the instrument which will also aid in keeping the violin from sliding off your shoulder.  The violin should always be pointing straight out and not pointing down.

Creating a beautiful sound depends upon how much pressure you use when drawing the violin bow across the strings. Additionally, to keep from playing screeching sounds, the right amount of pressure must also be used when holding down the strings. The different sounds or notes are made by raising or lowering the bow as it moves across the strings.

Good coordination is a vital asset that is desirable for playing the violin proficiently. Using the bow with one hand and changing string positions with the other hand is much more difficult than you might imagine.

To make music with the violin, your left arm is holding most of the weight of the violin while the fingers of this hand are responsible for changing position in order to play different notes. In other words, your elbow does not move, but the fingers of your left hand are moving in and out from your body all the while this arm is continuing to hold the violin in an up and out position.

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At the same time that your left forearm is moving in an in and out motion, your right hand has the bow responsibility. This hand will be moving back and forth as well as up and down so it can move across the strings properly and make different sounds.  Again, you can only move the right forearm because the elbow does not move.

Practice is a major aspect of learning how to play the violin. There is no such thing as practicing too much, but you must always be following the basic concepts of holding your violin and holding your bow properly. Once you become accustomed to holding the violin in your neck and shoulder area and you become more comfortable from the weight of holding the violin, you will begin to move forward quickly.

When practicing, you may want someone to observe your violin posture as well as your arm movements. Following the violin basics of hand and arm positions is mandatory because that allows you to play beautiful music with ease. Plus, as you develop your skills, you will not only be playing music like a professional, but your posture will also look like a professional.

What is the “Violin Master Pro” System?

The “Violin Master Pro” system is an online learning program that will provide you with an immense amount of information and learning tools in order to assist you with learning or refining your violin skills. Because of the extensive amount of varied materials and videos offered in this system, this program is well suited for beginners to advanced players of all ages.

In fact, this program was developed by a concert violinist, Mr. Eric Lewis, who taught music for many years to musicians at all levels. Additionally, Mr. Lewis was an active musician with several orchestras for many years.

This program is a compilation of Mr. Lewis’s numerous years of teaching and performance experience in the music industry. Mr. Lewis is now capturing his years of experience in the violin business into a complete violin program for students of all ages and talents.

Because this program contains such an extensive variety and massive amount of detailed information, one is extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to be able to possess such valuable material.

As you begin your quest for new knowledge regarding the violin, you will be excited as you see the progress of your musical career over the coming years.  Even though each individual will develop and progress at a certain unique pace, an important aspect of this program is to have fun and enjoy the musical journey.

With this program, you will not only learn how to play the violin or improve your current level of violin proficiency, but you will also have the opportunity to study music theory in depth if desired.

Eric Lewis,Violin Master

Eric Lewis Violin Master

This is an exceptional product because there are an enormous number of useful videos that demonstrate the way to learn violin by using a step by step process. Other worthwhile video topics include:   how to play the violin, how to play chords, how to use the bow, how to read music, and basic violin information.

To assist you with learning how to play the violin, this online program provides both PDF files and video demonstrations. One must admit that playing the violin is not an easy task because making sounds and making quality sounds can seem overwhelming at the beginning of the learning process. This program is designed to help you succeed and become a successful violin musician as long as you commit to this project.

As an accomplished musician teacher, Mr. Lewis was aware of the fact that in order to keep players interested in the program, the material must be presented in such a manner that each student does not become bored, but instead, they are always looking for new material to learn and seeking answers to questions regarding the violin.

Thus, Mr. Lewis developed this interactive program to simplify the learning process as well provide answers to expected questions.  Mr. Lewis has already anticipated the many errors that new students may encounter and in the program, he explains how they might be able to avoid these errors.

As you move through the videos and listen to Mr. Lewis play the violin, you realize his violin proficiency because his music seems to come to life. This program will certainly provide advanced players certain information that will be helpful if they desire to pursue a professional career in the violin industry.

One of the most beneficial parts of this program is the extensive and vast practical knowledge Mr. Lewis is able to provide to the students. His teaching methods are based upon many years of experience. There appears to be suitable information for all ages at all levels which should keep all students interested and motivated with the program.

Overall, the “Violin Master Pro” program is simply designed for people of all ages and talents. This program appears to be a good source for learning to play the violin or increasing your violin performance.

Final Verdict

Based on our review of the “Violin Master Pro” system, we can honestly endorse this program. With the vast amount of resources available in this program, there is something to interest and appeal to all people at any age.

For the price, this program provides you with enough material to review and examine for many years. Mr. Lewis is an experienced teacher and understands what is needed to assist individuals on how to learn or improve their violin talents.  We would like to wish each of you the best of luck as you move forward and fulfill your violin dreams.

Erick Lewis violin master pro
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